The TEMSIC Project achieves its purpose of impact and foresees a dissemination and use of its materials in the medium and long term among the educational community

The Project “Transformative Educational Methods for Social Inclusion and Global Citizenship” funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union has been implemented by the European partner organizations Südwind, CESIE and InteRed for a total of 26 months (from December, 2020 to February, 2023).

The TEMSIC Project set itself the objective of achieving an impact on the target groups of the action (students and teachers, educational staff from public institutions and technical staff from civil society organizations). In addition, as part of its dissemination strategy, the TEMSIC Project proposed to carry out various communication and dissemination actions, aimed at maximizing the dissemination of the project’s results and materials, and generating a greater impact in the educational community.

The TEMSIC Project ends its execution period meeting the expected indicators, exceeding the number of direct participants in the action, with more than 200 participants in direct dissemination actions (multiplier events in each country), more than 450 students participating in the actions carried out in educational centres by piloting cooperative games, and also exceeding the target number of downloads of the materials generated by the project (methodological guides for teachers and cooperative games for each educational stage) set at 2,000 downloads and which has currently been exceeded through the dissemination of the materials on the project website and on the institutional websites of Südwind, CESIE and InteRed.

In addition, an impact and awareness has been generated in the educational community through dissemination actions led by each member, through the preparation of articles and press releases, participation in educational conferences, the organisation of informative talks, the publication of articles in educational magazines, the dissemination of copies of the cooperative games among partners’ libraries and offices for lending them to teachers, and the maintenance of the use of the materials generated in the processes that each member maintains with their networks of educational centres. All the didactic materials will be maintained for free download on each partners’ institutional websites, in order to ensure that they can be used in the long term.